Welcome to my Botanic Art Blog! I call it my flower power world.

I am a floral and event designer based in Berlin Germany. I have my floral atelier in the borough called Reinickendorf. With over 15 years of experience in the floral industry , I wanted to share my floral passion and creativity through-out Europe.

I started this blog end of 2011. I learned many things in the process, connected with wonderful new people and continue to do so. *Gotta love the internet* There is so much in this world to get inspired by, and I hope to inspire others with my love & passion for the beautiful & creative things. I never thought I would be working in the floral industry. Just by chance I stumbled into this world and I became a floral designer. It evolved into event design and creating floral art. Now here I am, getting to share my work and inspirations with you.

So, what you will get to see here in the Botanic Art Blog is  my creative work and projects I worked on. Definitely wedding flowers and floral inspirations, other creative artists that I find incredible and of course I have to share some of my travels. Happy to hear your feedback, it definitely inspires me to continue my blog journey.

If you like to check out my website , click right here -> Botanic Art – Floral & Event Design

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Love & Happiness to you all!


Creative Florist Berlin

Photo by Ashley Ludaescher

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